James and Alice will come on May 5th, confirmed


James and Alice will come on May 5th, confirmed

James and Alice will visit the Kerala box office on May 5th. The makers have confirmed and locked the date after a series of confusing reports and postponements. Prithviraj and Vedhika are already trending in the social media platforms with their trendy getups and sizzling on screen chemistry in the recently released trailer and “Mazhaye Mazhaye” video song. The movie was lined for an April 29 release and then pushed towards May due to some unexpected delay in the technical department.

James and Alice, which features Prithviraj and Kollywood diva Vedhika in the title roles, is the directorial debut of award winning cinematographer Sujith Vasudev. The movie chronicles eight eventful years in the life of the couple James and Alice, played by Prithviraj and Vedhika. Though Prithviraj and Vedicka have earlier worked together in Vasanthabalan’s Tamil film Kaaviya Thalaivan, they were not cast as pairs. James and Alice will showcase their on-screen romance for the first time.

Earlier, Vedhika was approached to play the female lead opposite Prithviraj in Amar Akbar Anthony. But her other language schedule was too tight to accept the offer. She stepped out of the offer, which in turn went to Namitha Pramod. Vedhika portrays a young woman, who married a bohemian artist against the will of her parents and the consequent events.

Prithviraj appears in different get ups in the movie. “The movie shows two different phases of Prithviraj’s character – before and after marriage. In the initial half, he lives a jovial, carefree life while the latter has him leading a responsible, practical life,” reveals director Sujith.

“The younger days have him playing an artist with international sensibilities. But he soon realizes paintings won’t be enough to sustain a livelihood. So, he turns to advertising and that’s shown in the second half of the movie,” he adds. The younger James sports a ponytail and colorful linen kurtas while the older one will appear with a neatly cropped hairstyle and a short-boxed beard.

Director Sujith Vasudev, who is a popular cinematographer in Mollywood, had skyrocketed to instant fame with his outstanding work in the blockbuster Drishyam and its Tamil version, Papanasam. Both the films were directed by Jeethu Joseph. Prithviraj and Sujith Vasudev share a successful partnership as an actor and cinematographer. They worked together in films like City Of God, Memories, and 7th Day, all went on to become hits. They recent tie ups, Amar Akbar Anthony and Anarkkali were hailed for their exotic cinematography.

James and Alice also have Sai Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Manju Pillai and Sijoy Varghese in significant roles. Writer turned filmmaker Dr. S Janardhanan pens the screenplay for James and Alice, whose story is writer by director Sujith. The movie is produced by Dr. S Sajikumar and Krishnan Sethukumar, under the banner Dharmik Films.



It’s Jeethu Joseph’s “Oozham” for Prithviraj


It’s Jeethu Joseph’s “Oozham” for Prithviraj

Prithviraj gears up for his next hunt in the box office and this time the actor has joined hands with his Memories director Jeethu Joseph. The movie, titled Oozham, is touted as a revenge drama, features Prithviraj and Ayal Njanalla fame Divya Pillai in the lead roles. The movie started rolling in Coimbatore. Both the actor and the director are at the peak of their career and the movie has already generated buzz in the Mollywood circles.

Jeethu’s last flick, Life of Josutty was a moderate success compared to his record breaking blockbuster Drishyam. The director also claimed his chair among the Kollywood directors with the Tamil remake of Drishyam, Papanasam with Kamal Haasan. “Oozham definitely is not a thriller. It’s more of a revenge drama with the right amount of action in it. It has fight sequences, but you can’t call it an out-and-out action film either,” said Jeethu Joseph.

“I wouldn’t claim that the film will be some out-of-this-world narrative. But there will be elements that will keep you glued to it,” he added. The movie will be shot in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Ernakulam. “If you ask me, I have done only one thriller and that’s ‘Memories’. ‘Drishyam’ was conceived as a conflict between two families, so I am not ready to call it a thriller. I know there are limited genres and I will have to repeat some in my career. But I don’t want only one or two kinds of films in my entire filmography. That’s one reason I did ‘Life of Josutty’ immediately after ‘Drishyam’,” Jeethu revealed.

Jeethu’s last offering Life of Josutty couldn’t repeat the mileage of Drishyam and was a moderate success despite good casting and making. He had worked together with Prithviraj earlier in the super hit movie Memories, which was a refreshing hit and gathered critical acclaim. Prithviraj’s character, Sam Alex, an alcoholic cop who fell into the trail of a series of murders caught the viewer’s imagination and widely recognized as one of the best characters in the year 2013. The actor seems to enjoy an enormous level of comfort under the director’s command.

Divya Pillai, who debuted through Fahad Fazil’s Ayal Njanalla, will play the leading lady in Oozham. Divya became a known face in Mollywood with the upper middle class girl, who falls for a simpleton mistaking him as a film star. The UAE based actor makes her return after a gap of one year. Oozham will also feature Neeraj Madhav, Irshad, Sreejith Ravi, and Sampath and Jayaprakash from Kollywood in important roles.

While Anil Johnson composes the music of Oozham, the lyrics are penned by Santhosh Varma. Shamdat cranks the camera and Ayoob Khan is the editor. Oozham is produced by G George and Anto Padinjarakkera under the banner Fine Tune Pictures.

Darwinte Parinamam, the change of the season



Darwinte Parinamam, the change of the season

Prithviraj hits the box office with the fifth flick of his unstoppable hit band wagon, Darwinte Parinamam. The movie, which is directed Jijo Antony and written by Manoj, is a tale of revenge that told in a hilarious way. The director adopts some unseen story telling methods and character representation in order to make the movie distinct. The treatment of the movie is the decisive factor in Darwinte Parinamam and it works well till the end.

The movie chronicles a radical change happening in a shadowy character, Gorilla Darwin, played by Chempan Vinod, when a simpleton character Anil Anto accidently enters his turbulent life. The bad guy undergoes internal and external changes and that constitutes the main plot of the movie. But, Anil Anto is not as simpleton as he looks and there is an underlying layer of a subtle revenge in the plot. How Anil repays his revenge is told in a hilarious and engaging way.

Darwinte Parinamam is a neck-to-neck race between Prithviraj and Chempan Vinod in front of the camera. Both the actors are in their stunning form so complement to each other that it is really difficult to think about one character without the other. Prithviraj delivers measured and subtle emotions and expressions while Chempan is rather a loud character. Both the actors are a joy to watch on screen and the backbone of the movie. How one individual can influence and change another person’s lifestyle and character is the core of the plot.

Soubin Shahir breaks the stereotypes that formed around him during the last few flicks and emerges out as a spontaneous entertainer. The director let loose him in comic scenes and the actor makes maximum use of his freedom. The actor plays a hardcore fan of Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu and those scenes are hilarious. Actor Chandini makes a strong comeback after KL 10 Pathu and establishes a pleasant pairing with Prithviraj’s character. She looks convincing and adorable as Amala, Anil’s partner. Shammi Thilakan turns up with a surprise performance and takes the viewers with awe. All the other actors deliver their best performances of the season and the movie is character driven in nature.

Jijo Antony makes a perfect blend of love, comedy, action, and sadness through a tightly packed script. He focuses more on the treatment side and the pace of the movie is really good. Abhinandan Ramanujam’s cinematography deserves a special mention for the stunningly canned visuals. The action sequences are well choreographed and capable of adrenaline rush in the viewers. Darwinte Parinamam is for those who like change and freshness that change brings.