James and Alice will come on May 5th, confirmed


James and Alice will come on May 5th, confirmed

James and Alice will visit the Kerala box office on May 5th. The makers have confirmed and locked the date after a series of confusing reports and postponements. Prithviraj and Vedhika are already trending in the social media platforms with their trendy getups and sizzling on screen chemistry in the recently released trailer and “Mazhaye Mazhaye” video song. The movie was lined for an April 29 release and then pushed towards May due to some unexpected delay in the technical department.

James and Alice, which features Prithviraj and Kollywood diva Vedhika in the title roles, is the directorial debut of award winning cinematographer Sujith Vasudev. The movie chronicles eight eventful years in the life of the couple James and Alice, played by Prithviraj and Vedhika. Though Prithviraj and Vedicka have earlier worked together in Vasanthabalan’s Tamil film Kaaviya Thalaivan, they were not cast as pairs. James and Alice will showcase their on-screen romance for the first time.

Earlier, Vedhika was approached to play the female lead opposite Prithviraj in Amar Akbar Anthony. But her other language schedule was too tight to accept the offer. She stepped out of the offer, which in turn went to Namitha Pramod. Vedhika portrays a young woman, who married a bohemian artist against the will of her parents and the consequent events.

Prithviraj appears in different get ups in the movie. “The movie shows two different phases of Prithviraj’s character – before and after marriage. In the initial half, he lives a jovial, carefree life while the latter has him leading a responsible, practical life,” reveals director Sujith.

“The younger days have him playing an artist with international sensibilities. But he soon realizes paintings won’t be enough to sustain a livelihood. So, he turns to advertising and that’s shown in the second half of the movie,” he adds. The younger James sports a ponytail and colorful linen kurtas while the older one will appear with a neatly cropped hairstyle and a short-boxed beard.

Director Sujith Vasudev, who is a popular cinematographer in Mollywood, had skyrocketed to instant fame with his outstanding work in the blockbuster Drishyam and its Tamil version, Papanasam. Both the films were directed by Jeethu Joseph. Prithviraj and Sujith Vasudev share a successful partnership as an actor and cinematographer. They worked together in films like City Of God, Memories, and 7th Day, all went on to become hits. They recent tie ups, Amar Akbar Anthony and Anarkkali were hailed for their exotic cinematography.

James and Alice also have Sai Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Manju Pillai and Sijoy Varghese in significant roles. Writer turned filmmaker Dr. S Janardhanan pens the screenplay for James and Alice, whose story is writer by director Sujith. The movie is produced by Dr. S Sajikumar and Krishnan Sethukumar, under the banner Dharmik Films.



Breathtaking trailer of 24 is out


Breathtaking trailer of 24 is out

Suriya is out there with the breathtaking trailer of his upcoming sci-fi action pack, 24. The 2 minute 15 second trailer is a basket of gifts for the Suriya fans. Even though all the important characters are introduced in the trailer, it doesn’t give any hint about the plot. All we can gather from the bits and pieces of dialogues is the wild chase behind some miraculous scientific invention by some good and bad men.

It seems the movie will be a celebration of mass moments for Surya fans. The older Surya seems to be chased by the baddie Surya, who is in a search of his precious possession, a watch. Suriya stuns the viewers with his three looks in the teaser. Samantha and Nithya Menon get a short introduction and the song sequences look picturesque. The visual effects department has done a good job and the trailer hints at a VFX extravaganza. The action sequences are delivered with a big bang.

The movie, which is directed by Vikram Kumar, features Suriya in a triple role. Even though the makers are light lipped about the details of the movie, sources close to the director reveal that 24 will be a time travel movie that can match with Hollywood flicks in this genre. Surya will be seen in three diverse roles as a scientist, gangster, and a surprise act. Some reports suggest that the third act will be the father of young Surya.

The movie has Samantha and Nithya Menon as leading ladies. Ajay, Sathyan, Saranya Ponvannan, Jnanpith-laureate Girish Karnad, Mohan Raman play other pivotal roles in the movie. The music is composed by the legendary AR Rahman and the movie is produced by Surya’s home banner 2D Entertainment.

This is the first time Surya appears in a negative character and it raises expectations sky high. The movie is lagging behind its schedule as the CGI works took more time than expected. The teaser release was scheduled on February 24, but postponed to the disappointment of fans. The title, 24, refers to the number of hours in a day and the movie deals with the concept of time travel.

Director Vikram Kumar has brought together the best technical support for 24. Thiru cranks the camera for the movie, while Parwin Pudi is the editor. The art director duo Amith and Subratha have done a stunning job in the teaser and the viewers can expect more. With 24, Surya and Kollywood take new heights and themes, which were exploited by Hollywood flick till now. The movie will have a worldwide release on April.

Aadupuliyattam, nail biting trailer launched


Aadupuliyattam, nail biting trailer launched

Jayaram and team turn up with a nail biting trailer of their mystery thriller, Aadupuliyattam. The two minute trailer is well packed with horror and mystery. The characters look real and horrying. Jayaram and Ramya Krishnan is in their best form and rock the trailer with some lightning performances. Director Kannan Thamarakkulam seems to have employed some well composed visuals to generate horror and curiosity. Ratheesh Vega’s score fits with the mood of the trailer and enhances the experience.

The movie has Jayaram in a never seen before avatar along with Bollywood actor Om Puri and South Indian actor Remya Krishnan in important roles. Jayaram, who is looking forward to patch up the disastrous year 2016, teams up again with the Thingal Muthal Velli Vare director Kannan Thamarakkulam for the movie. The actor is going through a rough sea and the 2011 flick Swapna Sanchari was his last convincing and solid box office success.

Aadupuliyattam is written and directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, who debuted in Mollywood with the Jayaram flick Thingal Muthal Velli Vare. Jayaram recently posted a picture with the Bollywood titan on his Facebook page, in which Om Puri is seen in a Swami avatar.  The movie is said to be a mystery thriller, with its main locations in Palani and Thodupuzha. “Aadu Puliyattam will be a comedy-horror with myths and legends woven into it. It is set in two time periods, the first around 600 AD and the second, the present day,” says director Kannan Thamarakkulam.

According to reports, Aadu Puliyattam is based on a myth that is almost 600 years old. The movie unfolds in two time periods, 600 years ago and in the present. Remya Krishnan plays Mathangi, a character reminiscent of her power packed role in the blockbuster Bhahubhali. Mathangi is the daughter of a tribal king in the historical period. “A prince gets enamored by her and brings her to the city. He builds a palace for her and loves her dearly, while she worships him like God. Eventually, he loses everything and it is Mathangi’s turn to prove her love and devotion towards him,” adds the director.

Remya will also appear as a mother of a ten-year-old girl in the second half of the movie, which unreels in the present time. “Om Puri will be seen in the role of a modern day ascetic who is into rigorous meditation,” says Kannan. Jayaram and Jewel Mary are the other two actors who shoulder important roles in the present day period. The supporting cast includes Ramesh Pisharody, Shajon, Sheelu Abraham, and Bollywood actor Rahul Dev.

The movie also has Sheelu Abraham, Angelina Aangi and Akshara Kishore in pivotal roles. Aadupuliyattam is produced by Haseeb Haneef under the banner Grande Films Corporation and distributed by Anto Joseph FIlms Company. Dinesh Pallath has penned the screenplay and Jithu Damodhar cranks the camera. Sandeep Nandakumar is the editor and the songs are composed by Ratheesh Vega. The movie is lined up as a Vishu release.

Theri, power packed trailer for Vijay fans is on!


Theri, power packed trailer for Vijay fans is on!

A multifaceted Vijay starts hunting down the social media platforms when the power packed trailer of the movie Theri is released. The two minute trailer is a real treat for hardcore Ilaya Thalapathi fans and the actor looks in stunning form. The trailer sports various faces of Vijay along with different characteristics. The makers also give a sneak peek into the plot of the movie. But diverting from the earlier reports, the trailer introduces three avatars of Vijay, Joseph Kuruvilla, a loving and cool single father, Vijay Kumar, a ferocious cop and Dharmeswar, who holds the suspense of the movie.

The trailer also gives proper introductions to the two heroines Samantha and Amy Jackson, antagonist filmmaker Mahendran and the child artist Nainika. The trailer has some goose bump moments for the fans, like the gun slinging, bubble gum gimmick and punch dialogues. Vijay looks hot and fit in his never seen before haircut.

Last month the makers released a first look teaser, which went on to become viral instantly. The well-made teaser introduces Vijay’s two getups and some steamy action sequences. In most of the running time of the teaser, the cop Vijay has been seen kicking a bunch of bad guys. On the other hand, a calm Vijay with a pony tail is seen spending light moments with a little girl.

Theri is the second directorial venture of Raja Rani Director Atlee. Raja Rani, his debut was a huge success and was hailed for its freshness in treatment. The movie featured Arya and Nayanthara in the lead roles and dealt with post-marital conflicts between a young couple, with a subplot of their past love stories.

According to latest reports, the producers are looking forward for an April release and the post-production works of the movie are in full swing in AVM Gardens, Chennai. Vijay will be seen playing an emotional cop and not just a man fighting society’s evils, as usual in Kollywood flicks.  Director Atlee assures that Vijay’s character will have all the traits his fans love to watch on screen.

Theri has an ensemble supporting cast including KS Ravikumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Rajendran, Kaali Venkat, and TM Karthik. GV Prakash Kumar composes the songs for the movie and the recently released album has already garnered positive reviews.

Watch the official trailer here…