Ithu Thaanda Police is a fun ride




Ithu Thaanda Police is a fun ride

Asif Ali’s maiden Mollywood outing in police uniform, Ithu Thaanda Police is a fun ride. The movie exploits all the naughty and menacing possibilities of a male driver posted in a women’s only police station in Kerala. The director depends on the funny and awkward situations in the plot rather than telling a concrete story and the stream of events are capable of entertaining the viewer’s till the end.

The movie unfolds in a women police station, which is ruled by the redhead inspector Arundathi Varma, played by Abhirami. She is a misandrist by nature and a difficult person to get along with. There are another 10 lady police officers in the station, who are in different age groups and with different characteristics. The plot thickens when a young man called Ramakrishnan, played by Asif Ali, is posted as the driver in the station. The hilarious events develop between Ramakrishnan and the women in uniform constitute the plot. While Ramakrishnan gets involved with some unexpected events and a romantic affair, the movie races towards a climax.

Ithu Thaanda Police is hilarious in many ways and the makers make maximum use of the funny side of the plot. Even though Mollywood has produced so many cop based movies, Ithu Thanda Police tries to keep a unique version of the life in police uniform. There are some genuine scenes in the movie and the characters look convincing. Asif Ali looks hot in his cop role and the actor is comfortable in comedy scenes. Janani Iyer, who plays Ramakrishnan’s love interest, looks gorgeous.

The real heroes in the movie are the 11 police woman at the station. Sajitha Madathil, Neena Kuruppu, Krishna Prabha, and Sruthi Lakshmi deserve special mentions for their hilarious performances. The women dominate the first half of the movie and their world is really interesting. Sudheer Karamana delivers a stunning performance as the police officer and the actor is really capable of handling any role offered to him. Sunil Sughatha, Shaju and Sethu Lakshmi are also in good form.

Director Manoj Palodan manages to deliver a decent entertainer without slipping into pun or clichéd situations. The movie is watchable for its unusual plot and genuinely comic situations. Ithu Thaanda Police will work for those who are looking for a time pass with some good laughter.


Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum, a movie with a loving heart inside



Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum, a movie with a loving heart inside

Madonna Sebastian’s Kollywood debut with Vijay Sethupathi, Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum is a movie with beating heart inside. That liveliness is maintained throughout the movie and it turns out to be a refreshing romantic experience. Unlike the usual love stories, Ka Ka Ka Po plays with the differences between the lead pair, who hail from different social layers. Director Nalan Kumaraswami successfully executes his scheme through the stunning performances of the lead pair, Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian.

The movie follows two youngsters, a desperate gangster Kathir, played by Vijay Sethupathi and Yaazhini, played by Madonna, a small town middle-class girl with huge ambitions. Yaazhini is hailing from Villupuram near Chennai and aspiring for a big job in the IT sector. Even though she managed to secure one such job, the company fired her and that made her desperate and helpless. She has a strained relationship with her pricking father back in Villupuram and decides to stay back in Chennai.

In order to cope up with the new financial situation and cover the damage, she shifts into a small flat in a low income area. There she meets the desperate gangster Kathir, played by Vijay Sethupathi. He is a small scale local goon and considered as a useless. He works as a sidekick of the local MLA. The rest of the movie is all about the differences between Kathir and Yaazhini and how they find comfort in each other despite those differences.

The movie is out-and-out owned by the lead pair Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian. Both share excellent screen chemistry and timing. The exchanges between them, both verbal and emotional, are a joy to the viewers and become the main strength of the movie. Vijay Sethupathi delivers his usual natural and intense acting like the previous flick Naanum Rowdy Than and Sethupathi. Madonna claims her front seat in Kollywood with this single flick for her performance as Yaazhini.

Director Nalan Kumaraswami deviates to a great deal from his critically acclaimed previous flick Soothum Kavvum. He uses the dialogues, which are awesome and witty, very cleverly to generate humor, and it worked well. Nalan shifts from comedy to emotions effortlessly and find a balance that makes the movie a good romantic comedy entertainer. Music director Santhosh Narayan and cinematographer Dinesh Krishnan deserve a special mention for their stunning works. Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum is for those who love romantic comedies with an emotional flavor.

Darwinte Parinamam, the change of the season



Darwinte Parinamam, the change of the season

Prithviraj hits the box office with the fifth flick of his unstoppable hit band wagon, Darwinte Parinamam. The movie, which is directed Jijo Antony and written by Manoj, is a tale of revenge that told in a hilarious way. The director adopts some unseen story telling methods and character representation in order to make the movie distinct. The treatment of the movie is the decisive factor in Darwinte Parinamam and it works well till the end.

The movie chronicles a radical change happening in a shadowy character, Gorilla Darwin, played by Chempan Vinod, when a simpleton character Anil Anto accidently enters his turbulent life. The bad guy undergoes internal and external changes and that constitutes the main plot of the movie. But, Anil Anto is not as simpleton as he looks and there is an underlying layer of a subtle revenge in the plot. How Anil repays his revenge is told in a hilarious and engaging way.

Darwinte Parinamam is a neck-to-neck race between Prithviraj and Chempan Vinod in front of the camera. Both the actors are in their stunning form so complement to each other that it is really difficult to think about one character without the other. Prithviraj delivers measured and subtle emotions and expressions while Chempan is rather a loud character. Both the actors are a joy to watch on screen and the backbone of the movie. How one individual can influence and change another person’s lifestyle and character is the core of the plot.

Soubin Shahir breaks the stereotypes that formed around him during the last few flicks and emerges out as a spontaneous entertainer. The director let loose him in comic scenes and the actor makes maximum use of his freedom. The actor plays a hardcore fan of Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu and those scenes are hilarious. Actor Chandini makes a strong comeback after KL 10 Pathu and establishes a pleasant pairing with Prithviraj’s character. She looks convincing and adorable as Amala, Anil’s partner. Shammi Thilakan turns up with a surprise performance and takes the viewers with awe. All the other actors deliver their best performances of the season and the movie is character driven in nature.

Jijo Antony makes a perfect blend of love, comedy, action, and sadness through a tightly packed script. He focuses more on the treatment side and the pace of the movie is really good. Abhinandan Ramanujam’s cinematography deserves a special mention for the stunningly canned visuals. The action sequences are well choreographed and capable of adrenaline rush in the viewers. Darwinte Parinamam is for those who like change and freshness that change brings.